North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon in a Storm

Shane July 3 018 SmallClients rescheduled today due to weather. In the evening rain clouds started to breakup so I went looking for Sturgeon. Just got anchored out as anvilhead clouds started to build right around me. The clouds drifted me back to my years as a big game guide in the South Nahanni Mountains and a hot summer day that rapidly turned into a blizzard and for me the true meaning of one essentail in life, Shelter. Trapped in the open on top of a Mountain in a small back pack tent with a client and my pack dogs we survived the 3 day blizzard only from the dogs body heat. The rod tip began to bend outlined in the anvilheads as the sturgeon began to delicately feed. I sat sheltered from the pending storm under the boats canopy. Life is good sturgeon on and 9 sturgeon later it was dark.



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