North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon Fishing Girls

North Saskatchewan River sturgeon fishing North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishing girls Destiny and Katie joined my daughter Morgan on their very first fishing trip. It was our annual father daughter bring some friends sturgeon fishing adventure. The excitement of the girls voices could be heard over the pulse of the jet boat as we headed out on the river to locate sturgeon. It is the first year Morgan was old enough to buy a fishing license and she has caught hundreds of fish prior to this. I sat back with great pride as I watched her show her friends Katie and Destiny how to gear up for sturgeon. Lines where cast and within ten minutes we had a North Saskatchewan River sturgeon triple header. The sound of screaming girls rang out across the River and the excitement of bodies dancing in the boat to avoid crossed lines made for total chaos.  It was an extra special day as Morgan boated her 200th Sturgeon and her friends got hooked on fishing. After 2hrs of sturgeon fishing and 12 boated sturgeon later we decided to beat the heat and go swimming.  



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