North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishing with Dawn

North Saskatchewan River Guide Sturgeon fishingDawn drew the North Saskatchewan River Guide Sturgeon fishing trip at the ALUS wetlands conservation conference this year. It was not her first time fishing as she was raised in a excellent fishing area in Manitoba and everybody in the community fished. She had never caught a Lake Sturgeon before and excitement was in the air as we launched. The river had come up cooling the water and after locating a place to sturgeon fish the bait was running low. I decided to move and stop back at base camp for some minnows and Dawn immediately recognized the minnow container from the area she fished in Manitoba. She said I am going to catch my sturgeon on these lucky minnows. Dawn not only caught sturgeon but boated Sauger and Mooneye two additional species that she had never caught before on the Spottail Shiners from the Pas.



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