North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon in the Flood

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishingNorth Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishing in the flood waters was a little difficult today with a first time fisherwomen combined with river conditions. Veronica booked a half day charter to experience fishing and the river was full of timber as we dodged are way through it to a location. After dropping anchor she boated her first sturgeon in 15 minutes of fishing.The river continued to rise and the sturgeon shifted into an area covered in floating debris that constantly tangled lines. It was time for a move to a fishable location that paid off with 9 sturgeon boated in 1hr as we watched massive thunder clouds building around the boat. I decided to get off the river and within 15 minutes of docking the boat a funnel cloud appeared and the hail was the size of marbles coming down knocking down trees and power lines. Water levels remain as high as the spring run off this year. By-catch included Shorthead Redhorse, Silver Redhorse, and Walleye.



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