Shelbys North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishingShelby took a sunday of from her usual routine and joined my daughter Morgan and I for a day of North Saskatchewan River sturgeon fishing and tubing on the North Saskatchewan River. Shelby had never fished before and was down loading her license from our web site as we talked about sturgeon biology. The river was full of debris as we launched and I was excited to see how many sturgeon we could boat before going tubing. It took 2 minutes before Morgan had the first hook set and a sturgeon in the boat. After that it was all Shelbys turn as we taught her how to set the hook on sturgeon and got her past the stage of missing hookups. 5 sturgeon later in 60 minutes of fishing and she was gasping for air as the last big sturgeon boated played her out. A 50 foot spruce tree drifted by as we got off the river and headed to Whitney Lake to beat the heat and go tubing. Water levels remain high and turbid



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