North Saskatchewan River Fishing Coreys Crew

North Saskatchewan River FishingNorth Saskatchewan River fishing crew Coreys sons boated several north saskatchewan river fish species they had never seen before.The Wuth brothers landed sauger, walleye, silverredhorse, and clams. It was the first time the boys had ever spent a full day fishing fished and used several different styles of fishing to make use of the 12 rods.

Selte Family North Saskatchewan River Fishing

North Saskatchewan River GuideThe Selte family charter split their day up for a lunch break at camp and taking turns fishing the North Saskatchewan River. The three generations boated walleye and goldeye between heavy showers and covered 65 miles of river to share stories around the evening camp fire. 

North Saskatchewan River Fishing with the Muyres

North Saskatchewan River Recovered SturgeonNorth Saskatchewan River fishing with the Muyres  was a mixed bag family affair. The Muryes Nortyh Saskatchewan River mixed bag included several species many which are first time catches for the Muyres.  

Broke Down Boat North Saskatchewan River

20140615 213040 - CopyThe boat got us to are first fishing location 15 miles from camp. We fished a half hour decided to move and the boat did not start. The fishing charter turned into a 6 hour float trip after trouble shooting couldn't detect the problem. Headed to Gibbons monday at present we may not need to reschedule charters.

North Saskatchewan River Fishing R And R

North Saskatchewan River Fishing SturgeonNorth Saskatchewan River Fishing R and R was a mixed bag fishing charter for Grieg and Clint. A great day and a first sturgeon ever plus walleye and longnose. Looking forward to seeing them again on their next charter.

North Saskatchewan River Multiple Species

20140717 100944 - CopyThe rain never put a damper on this North Saskatchewan River multiple species fishing charter. Several first time species for Don Dave and John include mooney goldeye walleye sauger and lake sturgeon.

400 North Saskatchewan River Lake Sturgeon

North Saskatchewan River Lake Sturgeon FishingThe North Saskatchewan River is running at below normal flow rates and we have currently switched angling stradegy to mixed bag fishing in order to maximize angler effort. I would like to thank our many clients that helped boat 400 North Saskatchewan River Lake Sturgeon so far this season and looking forward to future fishing charters with you.

The Stogeuis North Saskatchewan River Fishing Charter

North Saskatchewan River FishingThe Stogeuis Gang hit town boated 2 walleye snared shot and trapped 6 richardsons ground squirrels. Wanted in Heinsburg for Gopher Control. The North Saskatchewan River has ginned out and we have switched tackle to mixed bag fishing.

FBGH North Saskatchewan River Sunset Safari

20140712 212140 - CopyAfter fishing today I guided Andrew and Gail out on the North Saskatchewan River for their FBGH sunset safari. A hot summer night and a super moon set the back drop for a wonderful evening. Beavers lined the banks as we slipped past the many islands and flocks of roosting pelicans. Bald eagles watched us cruise as we glassed for mule deer and whitetails feeding on the upper benches over looking the North Saskatchewan River.

North Saskatchewan River Fishing Sturgeon

North Saskatchewan River Fishing SturgeonRaquel caught her first fish ever on a North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishing Charter. Kirk Raquel and Carter boated 5 lake sturgeon 5 walleye 2 goldeye and 2 mooneye in 2hrs. The NSR is switching into summer colours and continues to gin out. The predator species occupied some of the feeding channels in the thulwag and we had to relocate often to maximize angler effort and avoid catching them.



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