Shelbys North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishingShelby took a sunday of from her usual routine and joined my daughter Morgan and I for a day of North Saskatchewan River sturgeon fishing and tubing on the North Saskatchewan River. Shelby had never fished before and was down loading her license from our web site as we talked about sturgeon biology. The river was full of debris as we launched and I was excited to see how many sturgeon we could boat before going tubing. It took 2 minutes before Morgan had the first hook set and a sturgeon in the boat. After that it was all Shelbys turn as we taught her how to set the hook on sturgeon and got her past the stage of missing hookups. 5 sturgeon later in 60 minutes of fishing and she was gasping for air as the last big sturgeon boated played her out. A 50 foot spruce tree drifted by as we got off the river and headed to Whitney Lake to beat the heat and go tubing. Water levels remain high and turbid

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon in the Flood

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishingNorth Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishing in the flood waters was a little difficult today with a first time fisherwomen combined with river conditions. Veronica booked a half day charter to experience fishing and the river was full of timber as we dodged are way through it to a location. After dropping anchor she boated her first sturgeon in 15 minutes of fishing.The river continued to rise and the sturgeon shifted into an area covered in floating debris that constantly tangled lines. It was time for a move to a fishable location that paid off with 9 sturgeon boated in 1hr as we watched massive thunder clouds building around the boat. I decided to get off the river and within 15 minutes of docking the boat a funnel cloud appeared and the hail was the size of marbles coming down knocking down trees and power lines. Water levels remain as high as the spring run off this year. By-catch included Shorthead Redhorse, Silver Redhorse, and Walleye.

North Saskatchewan River Guide Sturgeon Draw Winner

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishingNorth Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishing draw winner Nancy Mah gave her Lake Sturgeon fishing trip to her fishing friends Gordon, Glen, and Rod. The North Saskatchewan River had come up 3 feet over night after heavy rains in the mountains and large timber combined with floating debris covered the rivers surface. As we launched the boat into the early morning fog it was obvious  not only was it going to be a challenge to keep the boat from plugging up but also to locate sturgeon. After anchoring out at a location for 10 minutes it was sturgeon on. Several missed hook sets and 9 hookups later resulted in 6 boated sturgeon. The high flying water clearing acrobatics of the 3 that got away added to the rod doubling reel screaming exciting day. By-catch included Silver Redhorse and Shorthead Redhorse.

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishing with Dawn

North Saskatchewan River Guide Sturgeon fishingDawn drew the North Saskatchewan River Guide Sturgeon fishing trip at the ALUS wetlands conservation conference this year. It was not her first time fishing as she was raised in a excellent fishing area in Manitoba and everybody in the community fished. She had never caught a Lake Sturgeon before and excitement was in the air as we launched. The river had come up cooling the water and after locating a place to sturgeon fish the bait was running low. I decided to move and stop back at base camp for some minnows and Dawn immediately recognized the minnow container from the area she fished in Manitoba. She said I am going to catch my sturgeon on these lucky minnows. Dawn not only caught sturgeon but boated Sauger and Mooneye two additional species that she had never caught before on the Spottail Shiners from the Pas.

Cindys North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon

North Saskatchewan River Guide Sturgeon fishingCindy's North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishing was the first fish she had caught in 15 years. Several missed hookups and some cursing got her back in the hook set groove and in 20 minutes she had boated a 8in sturgeon. Cindy's next boated Lake Sturgeon was a large mature specimen that had the rod doubled over with the reel screaming in agony and her arms feeling the burn. After several minutes of fighting the large sturgeon was in the live well and as an avid fisherwomen in the past you could see the passion for fishing had been rekindled in her eyes. This is a great example of the diverse slot sizes and that Lake Sturgeon have recovered in the North Saskatchewan River

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon Fishermen

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishermenNorth Saskatchewan River sturgeon fishermen Byron and his son's fished with us today. Byrons sons removed Lake Sturgeon from their bucket list despite the winds picking up and making reading the fishing rods difficult. Moving locations did not help the wind problem much but resulted in sturgeon hookups and several by-catch walleye being boated. Boat conversation revolved around our lives in Alberta, Byron as a conservation officer, mine as a guide and the wildlife resources this province is blessed with.

North Saskatchewan River Morning Sturgeon Fishing

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishingA North Saskatchewan River sturgeon fishing charter turned into a mixed bag with several sturgeon bites and arobatics. Chris's sturgeon put up an exceptional fight clearing the water 4 times with multiple reel smoking runs before being boated. It was his parties first sturgeon charter and it resulted also in several by-catch species that they had never heard of before.

North Saskatchewan River Family Reunion

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishingFinley's North Saskatchewan River Family and friends reunion today involved 2 safaris a sturgeon fishing charter,and tubing on the North Saskatchewan River. Several sturgeon bites occured until the North Saskatchewan River dropped a couple inches. A decision to move and locate additional sturgeon resulted in 5 minutes of fishing and a 54 inch sturgeon to boost spirits and whine down the day.

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon Fishing And Safari

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishingRobert and his family got to experience the abundance of sturgeon in the North Saskatchewan River after boating 4 sturgeon and 2 walleye in a short day of 1.5hrs sturgeon fishing. I went back to pick up Marks safari party and ended the day on a sunset safari to Fort George Buckingham House while also seeing a sturgeon leap out of the North Saskatchewan River. I will be guiding Mark again for a mixed species fishing trip later this year.

North Saskatchewan River Outhouse

thumb mule deer 006 SmallWorking on the outhouse today the buck showed up to munch on the clover around the magic bus. Never got fishin in the river it is still turbid would of been a great mixed bag day.

North Saskatchewan River Guide Cabin

North Saskatchewan River Guide CabinNorth Saskatchewan River Guide cabin number 2 consumed all my time today. Completion is scheduled for the end of July.

The North Sakatchewan River is still in a state of fairly high turbidity and dropping.



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