North Saskatchewan River Water Levels

North Saskatchewan River sturgeon fishingThe North Saskatchewan River sturgeon fishing is excellent as water levels are rising from our latest rain fall. I had a couple hours of daylight to burn so I went sturgeon fishing. Sturgeon could be seen feeding just below surface and jumping out of the river as the rain came down. 1hr later I had boated 4 Lake Sturgeon, Walleye, Shorthead Redhorse, and some beaver cuttings.

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon Adventure

North Saskatchewan River sturgeon fishing A North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishing adventure for Shawn and for Shawn and JeNorth Saskatchewan River Sturgeon Adventurenean included a overnight motorcycle trip to the North Saskatchewan River Guide Cabin and a sunset cruise on the North Saskatchewan River. The early morning smoke was beginning to thin out as we cruised the North Saskatchewan River locating sturgeon. Within 2hrs  we had boated 3 sturgeon and by-catch included Walleye, Goldeye, Mooneye then we came back to the cabin for a camp fire breakfast.

North Saskatchewan River Watershed Sturgeon

North Saskatchewan River watershedThe North Saskatchewan River Watershed had the smell of a forest fire in the air this morning. Tall individaul pillars of fog mixed with smoke rose like giant candles on flame as the sun tried to penetrate the smoke filled sky. Water levels had gone up over night as floating debris dotted sections of the river as I guided the boat to a spot, wet a line and instantly had to set the hook. Pain shot through my forearm as the sturgeon launched up and clear of the water. It turned into a couple good hours of fishing with 3 sturgeon including Walleye,and Silver Redhorse being boated. The North Saskatchewan River remains turbid and the temperature of the water is a mild 23 celcius.

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon Fishing Family

North Saskatchewan River sturgeon fishing North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishing familyNorth Saskatchewan River Sturgeon Fishing Family the Kinch's hooked up with North Saskatchewan River Guide for a half day of sturgeon fishing. After a quick lesson on sturgeon fishing baited hooks laid in a pocket adjacent the thulwag.Targeting juvenile sturgeon for the kids paid off and in 2 minutes we had are first sturgeon and 10 minutes later a triple header was on it's way to the live well. Goldeye,and Walleye completed a great day on the water.  

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon Auction Bidders

North Saskatchewan River sturgeon fishing North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishing auction bidders Larry,Tom, and Jordie purchased the sturgeon fishing trip at the Innsfree fish and game fundraiser.The North Saskatchewan River did not disappoint them. Sturgeon action was excellent as they boated 10 sturgeon in 3hrs including a triple header  by-catch included Mooneye, Walleye Goldeye, and Shorthead Redhorse. Do to extreme heat we decided not to boat anymore Lake Sturgeon and headed back to chill out under the shade tree at our North Saskatchewan River office. Looking forward to guiding them on a Walleye trip later this season.

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon Fishing Girls

North Saskatchewan River sturgeon fishing North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishing girls Destiny and Katie joined my daughter Morgan on their very first fishing trip. It was our annual father daughter bring some friends sturgeon fishing adventure. The excitement of the girls voices could be heard over the pulse of the jet boat as we headed out on the river to locate sturgeon. It is the first year Morgan was old enough to buy a fishing license and she has caught hundreds of fish prior to this. I sat back with great pride as I watched her show her friends Katie and Destiny how to gear up for sturgeon. Lines where cast and within ten minutes we had a North Saskatchewan River sturgeon triple header. The sound of screaming girls rang out across the River and the excitement of bodies dancing in the boat to avoid crossed lines made for total chaos.  It was an extra special day as Morgan boated her 200th Sturgeon and her friends got hooked on fishing. After 2hrs of sturgeon fishing and 12 boated sturgeon later we decided to beat the heat and go swimming.  

North Saskatchewan River Jet Boat Safari

North Saskatchewan River Jet BoatBirthe and her company from Denmark selected a safari at sunset to beat the blistering hot day. The animals seemed to be enjoying it also as our guests snapped many photos of wildlife along the river banks. A Fort George Buckingham House safari include Moose, Whitetail deer, Mule deer, Beaver, Pelicans, Osprey, Bald Eagles, Black Tern, Franklin gull, Bonapartes gull, and several ducks, geese.

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon Conservationists

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishingNorth Saskatchewan River Sturgeon Fishing Couple Kirk and Kelly are avid conservationists. After purchasing a North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishing charter they donated it to their local Innisfree fish/game club for their fundraiser  and also booked a sturgeon fishing charter for themselves. It was great to have them back in the boat to share a beautiful day on the North Saskatchewan River fishing for Lake Sturgeon. The river was dropping throughout the day as we moved around  to cool off from the mid day heat and locate sturgeon. In 3hrs they had numerous hookups and boated 11 sturgeon and a few Shorthead Redhorse.

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon Fishing Mom

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishingNorth Saskatchewan River Sturgeon Fishing Mom Gwen brought Matt and his buddy Chase on a gift certificate sturgeon fishing charter today. It was their first ever sturgeon trip and experience with using worms for bait. After teaching them a quick lesson on sturgeon fishing we started reading the water and working the river looking for a school of sturgeon. Gwen should the boys how to get it done, baited hooks and boated the first sturgeon. Looking forward to a Walleye trip with them later on this year. The river is starting to drop but has cooled since the rain. Gwen's party boated 15 sturgeon, by-catch include Shorthead Redhorse, Longnose, Walleye, and  Goldeye.

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon in a Storm

Shane July 3 018 SmallClients rescheduled today due to weather. In the evening rain clouds started to breakup so I went looking for Sturgeon. Just got anchored out as anvilhead clouds started to build right around me. The clouds drifted me back to my years as a big game guide in the South Nahanni Mountains and a hot summer day that rapidly turned into a blizzard and for me the true meaning of one essentail in life, Shelter. Trapped in the open on top of a Mountain in a small back pack tent with a client and my pack dogs we survived the 3 day blizzard only from the dogs body heat. The rod tip began to bend outlined in the anvilheads as the sturgeon began to delicately feed. I sat sheltered from the pending storm under the boats canopy. Life is good sturgeon on and 9 sturgeon later it was dark.

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon Gift Certificate

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishingA North Saskatchewan River sturgeon gift certificate turned into a great fishing day for Jack and his party. Their crops had been sprayed and they had some time off from managing the farms to use a Xmas gift certficate. After locating a school of mid river Sturgeon they caught and released 17 before we decided to move and see some new country. An additional 2 sturgeon where located  caught and released plus Walleye, Shorthead Redhorse, also some large Goldeye. The North Saskatchewan River remains high and turbid.



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