North Saskatchewan River Moose

Gord Hullman Murry Bob 003 SmallClients rescheduled a sturgeon charter today due to high winds running chop up to 2 feet high and an illness. Got a image of a moose swimming the river at a good game crossing.

North Saskatchewan River Guide Fishing Cabin

North Saskatchewan River Guide CabinMoved the North Saskatchewan River Guide Cabin to it's final resting place. It has a 3/4 size bed. propane stove, and small refridgerator. Got to do some more landscaping also that will complete the patio and barbeque. It is avaiable for rent and will make a nice addition for our future and repeat clients.

North Saskatchewan River Guide Shack

Guide cabin 001 SmallFinally a day without wind made for excellent conditions for Sturgeon fishing but I spent the day landscaping and moving buidings around instead of fishing. This is a image of the old guide shack getting moved across Main Street Heinsburg. After breaking several tow chains it is finally sitting on a lot to become a storage shed. In the old lot space I will be putting the recently refurbished cabin for our client's to stay in.

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon Fishing

North Saskatchewan River SturgeonThe day started looking pretty good as the sun rose and the fog burned off the river. Gords fishing party arrived as the wind was beginning to pick up and after loading the gear and launching the boat we picked up a beaver cutting that jambed the impellor from producing power. Then we had to remove the boat from the river drop the quick clean and remove the cutting and launch again. The wind velocity had increased to unfishable conditions to read a rod in most of the river. Options had been reduced to Gords fishing party to a secluded area out of the wind that can produce Lake Sturgeon under these conditions. Gord's party boated a couple Lake Sturgeon and several Walleye by-catch.

North Saskatchewan River Mixed Bag

North Saskatchewan River SturgeonThe North Saskatchewan River continues to drop and flow rates have reached below normal volumes for this time of year. The hunt was on to find clients sturgeon today but managed to locate 5 one over 30lbs. By-catch numbers continue to build and made for a mixed bag trip for Tony,s fishing party. Walleye and some large Goldeye, Mooneye, hookups in the brilliant sunshine made for some beautiful pictures.

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon Fishing

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishingGot the jet boat back and on the water. Had a slow day of North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishing but managed to find some and also added by-catch to the list that included Walleye, Silver Redhorse, Goldeye, and Mooneye. The river still remains low and is beginning to gin out.

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon Video

North Saskatchewan River SturgeonFilmed some footage for the outdoor network today but never got the sturgeon footage we had hoped for.The North Saskatchewan River had extremely high winds and large whitecaps that made us spend much of the day searching out productive locations to film and still have the ability to fish. Hoping for better weather before the weekend. The river is still dropping as we move into the late spring this will change as the mountains begin to melt.

North Saskatchewan River Survey

North Saskatchewan River surveyJust got back from a great day on the water. Launched at Red Coat Landing with a load of surveyors and equipment then ran fifty miles of the North Saskatchewan River to a pre determined point to survey a proposed pipeline crossing. The survey was a 3 dimensional under water view of the river bottom. Seen large flocks of American White Pelicans and 8 Lake Sturgeon feeding near surface at different locations along the way. Not a single fishermen or other water craft was encountered the entire day even in the city limits. The river is on the rise and drift wood was gradually building throughout the day.

North Saskatchewan River Underwater Survey

North Saskatchewan River I had an exciting day surveying a pipeline crossing on the North Saskatchewan River in the Lindberg area. The river was clear of debris until we launched the boat. A ice dam broke up in a shallow section and released a large volume of ice debris and water. Guiding the boat through the debris and riding out the crest to the tail end of the flow was a bit of a challenge.

North Saskatchewan River Lake Sturgeon Recovery

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon abundance estimatesNorth Saskatchewan River Lake Sturgeon abundance estimates for 2011 yet to be finalized are indicating that Lake Sturgeon numbers have recovered from 1400 between Drayton Valley and the Saskatchewan border to several thousand in the North Saskatchewan River system. This is due to the improved water quality in the North Saskatchewan River since the 1960 time frame and past catch and release regulations.

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon abundance estimates                                                        A creel survey done over a period of 5 trips in 2010 from Drayton Valley to the Saskatchewan Border produced 139 fishermen of which only 1  was targeting Lake Sturgeon and that was a volunteer with the Lake Sturgeon tagging program. Considering the hundreds of kms of the North Saskatchewan River that run through Alberta and the few metres of area fished it is almost impossible to see another fisherman.

North Saskatchewan River

Fishing 2008 001 SmallNorth Saskatchewan River ice out has finally arrived after an exceptionally mild winter little run off from the prairies has effected the typical breakup of ice. Melting snow has not swollen the river it has simply been melting along outside edges and ground away. River conditions will remain low until the mountain runoff. Looking forward to launching the boat this weekend.



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