North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon Fishermen

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon FishermenGuided 3 generations of fishermen today that have never fished the North Saskatchewan River targeting Lake Sturgeon. Berry, Cole and David boated 18 lake sturgeon, 8 walleye, 2 monster goldeye, 2 longnose, 7 shorthead redhorse in 3.5hrs

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishing Graduates

North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon FishingMorgan finished school today and brought a couple girl friends along for are annual North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishing trip. Brianna and Veronica had to get back for exams but boated 7 sturgeon 1 long nose 2 shorthead redhorse and 1 walleye in 2hrs on their first ever fishing trip.

Alberta Fisheries Round Table Fishing

North Saskatchewan River FishingSpent a great day on the North Saskatchewan River fishing with 3 members of the Alberta Fisheries Round Table dodging 30 foot timber and fishing for sturgeon as the river rose another 2 feet. Vern , Gaetaen, and Ray boated 21 sturgeon, and 5 other species walleye, goldeye, sauger, shorthead redhorse, and longnose.Thanks Guys for all your volunteer time as members of the Alberta Fisheries Round Table.

26 North Saskatchewan River Lake Sturgeon

North Saskatchewan River Lake SturgeonHigh velocity winds and the North Saskatchewan River rising over a foot today reduced options to fish lake sturgeon. Randy, Russell, and Dave got onto reading the rods and boated 26 North Saskatchewan River Lake Sturgeon, Shorthead Redhorse, Long Nose, and Goldeye in 4hrs.

North Saskatchewan River Guide Fishing in Fog

North Saskatchewan River Guide FishingHey Randy. The river is dropping a bit and not as turbid as the weekend. Caught North Saskatchewan River Lake 8 strugeon in 2hrs this morning after the fog lifted. Looking forward to meeting you and your fishing party.

Heinsburg Project

thumb boring rigDidn"t fish today but got the main water line in for phase one of the Heinsburg project. S and S Directional Boring Ltd addressed all are are safety and enviromental concerns while operating with qaulity equipment and highly skilled hands.780 603 7122

North Saskatchewan River Guide Door Prize

North Saskatchewan River Guide fishingA North Saskatchewan River Guide lake sturgeon fishing charter was purchased by the Mallaig Ag Society. Fern was the draw winner and brought his sons Reil and Justin for the trip. Looked like it was going to turn into... a real bummer after the motor quiet before we even launched. Some farmer type trouble shooting and we had the orange rush rockin. 20 sturgeon in 3hrs and a thunderstorm had us back at camp hoping they got the rain in Mallaig.

Trout Unlimited Edmonton Chapter

North Saskatchewan River Lake Sturgeon Thanks Kyle Ashley and Adam for your contribution to fisheries conservation. Kyle Ashley and Adam purchased the sturgeon fishing charter donated by North Saskatchewan River Guide/and Trout Unlimited Edmonton Chapter at the Edmonton Convention this year. Despite the river dropping 2 feet in 8 hrs shifting sturgeon throughout the North Saskatchewan River they boated 10 lake sturgeon, walleye and longnose.

North Saskatchewan River Fishing Conservationists

North Saskatchewan River fishingWow! had a great day on the North Saskatchewan River fishing with some of Alberta's avid and most active conservationists. The president of the Canadian Wildlife Federation, AHEIA, Wise Foundation, and Dewinton Gun Club. Thank You Dave, Bob, and Martin and looking forward to are next fishing trip. Caught six species today.

Paddle Across Canada Tour

pact canoe SmallPaddle Across Canada Tour was on the North Saskatchewan River today and I met the crew. They are headed to Montreal and should be there in 4 months. Caught sturgeon and walleye today.

Saskatchewan Glacier North Saskatchewan River

Saskatchewan Glacier North Saskatchewan RiverSaskatchewan Glacier is headweaters for the North Saskatchewan River. It is located in the Cline River watershed and remains in pristine condition and home to Alberta's native bull trout.



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